Waves – a project for the entire crypto community

Not even ten years have passed since the beginning of the active use of cryptocurrencies, as the market is replenished with interesting projects that set a very ambitious goal – to squeeze out their elder brother – bitcoin – and fix his mistakes. These projects offer different scenarios. Some offer maximum participation of customers in the functioning of the system, and some create unprecedented protection for the assets of participants.

Another novelty, the creators of which set themselves very ambitious goals, is the Waves project. It is interesting in that it is an innovative platform based on the blockchain principle for crypto exchange with the mandatory support of “color currencies”. This currency is the name of the tool that each project participant can develop. For example, someone is participating in the next general financing project or creating an enterprise that needs to issue shares. He will be able to create his own token, ticket, share, or even some analogue of a real currency. At the same time, Waves has a fairly advanced programming language, which allows us to talk about the presence of some similar points with Ethereum.

System differences

The creators of the system have developed a special plugin for Chrome. Using it, you can start your own fundraising company from a browser window, as well as go to decentralized exchanges and take advantage of their many advantages. At the same time, the assets that the participant creates will be available for financial transactions on the exchange, which was developed by the creators of the project.

Waves have a lot of similarities with Kickstarter. Clients are able to get their share in the system in the form of cryptocurrency with the possibility of subsequent disposal. Trading shares on the exchange retains a certain amount of anonymity.

The developers of the project promise that the exchange of shares, as well as similar financial assets, will not lead to complaints from state and other regulatory bodies.

Waves is based on a developed exchange of information between customers of the system, as well as the voting procedure. It occurs in a completely decentralized form.

Users receive a multifunctional platform with which you can trade all kinds of goods, make investments in various projects, and carry out exchange speculation in both fiat currencies, electronic money, and stocks.

The developers of the project offer a developed reputation for users, which is implemented through a special system of “karma”. It takes into account the feedback of other customers, the number of financial transactions completed, as well as other activities associated with the operation of blockchain systems.

PoS mining – in this form, the production of electronic coins will be carried out. About 100,000,000 tokens of this system will be available to users, which can be obtained now through the ICO website. 85% of the funds will be transferred to the holders, and the rest of the money will be transferred to partners and developers of the project. In this case, the program code can already be downloaded and tested.


The Waves development team approached the project with all responsibility. They issued a manifest, the very existence of which suggests that the system is not aimed only at quick money. It is better to give the provisions of the manifest (there are 7 of them) in full.

  1. We do not create a niche product for specialists. We are building a mainstream project for the future.
  2. We are not against banks and other credit organizations. We want banks to work for society, and not to ban blockchain.
  3. Adaptation of blockchain technology for a wide market should go through a series of tests and show its most obvious advantages. We want to show the whole society the benefits of decentralization.
  4. Blockchain technology is not only about making money. This is how people can earn and communicate. In a sense, decentralization will replace the usual hierarchy, and a system of horizontal connections will take its place.
  5. We focus on creating community projects. Our goal is to become a crowdfunding platform for many open resources.
  6. We do not issue currency. On the contrary, we provide new opportunities for the existence of currencies.
  7. We are not interested in revolution, but in rapid evolution. At the same time, we intend to cooperate with existing state institutions.

What does Waves offer?

  • Multicurrency wallet. It can fit both ordinary money and electronic.
  • Decentralized exchange. On the Waves platform, users will be able to trade tokens of any origin.
  • Project launch. The platform allows you to give a quick start to investment projects.
  • Participation in the development of the system. Customers registered with Waves can directly influence the change of project parameters.


In the first hours of the ICO, the project managed to collect about 1 million dollar investments. To date, assets are about $ 4.5 million. Today, the wave rate is 0.002 from BTC. The beginning is very optimistic, but time will tell the result.

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