Nexium – cryptocurrency for the game

Today, they are increasingly talking about the benefits of virtual currencies. They are decentralized, allowing participants in the system to remain completely anonymous, as well as perform instant financial transactions around the world. An example is Bitcoin, the big brother of these projects, a crypt that marked the Internet revolution, which can lead to dramatic changes in human life.

Cryptocurrencies are typically used to support startups. It can be modern information systems or equipment rented out. However, not only does the virtual money industry live by serious intentions – Internet coins can be used as an intra-system game currency. A striking example of this is Nexium (abbreviated NXC) – a newcomer to the crypto horizon.

The game

One small development team decided to create an interesting computer game called “Beyond the Void.” There are only four specialists in the team, and each of them is responsible for certain actions. So, the company has 2 programmers, one marketer and designer. They had to quit their main job in order to devote themselves entirely to the project, which experts attribute to the genre of “indie games”.

Visually and with some of its other characteristics, “Beyond the Void” is similar to the beloved Dota and is released in the MOVA genre (real-time strategy). The developers put the following idea into their brainchild: players must fight each other in outer space on the ships of the future, capture planets and extract resources on them, which can then be used to move up the game ladder.

“There are tons of such projects!” Exclaim those who often plunge into the world of computer games. However, it is not. Firstly, the game itself is associated with blockchain technology – it uses an in-game currency called “NEXIUM” (NXC code). The player is unlikely to be able to do without it, since it is with this crypto that you can buy improvements and other lotions. The operation of the Nexium is based on the use of the Ethereum blockchain system . This is the first difference from the gray mass of other game projects. Players can be sure that each purchase and sale will have an appropriate entry on the blockchain.

Secondly, not every lotion purchased in a store will have an effect on game actions. For example, you can buy not only an improvement, but also a simple flag, unique and cool avatars for your profile, skins, and titles. At the same time, the developers promise that with the development of the project a lot of original things will appear in the store.

Thirdly, the MOVA genre has not yet fully revealed its potential, even despite the triumphal procession of Dota in world playgrounds. It is rapidly gaining popularity, and the developers for a reason turned to the space theme, which they love, perhaps, from childhood. On the one hand, they pose simple, but on the other, interesting tasks for players. So, the main goal is to destroy the main ship of the opponent. This can be done using the cards available in the player’s arsenal. They can radically change the course of the battle, bringing completely random events to the battlefield. For the most effective opposition of rivals, the player will be able to build and improve his own ship.

About cryptocurrency

To date, 66.5 million NXC are in free float. At the same time, they cannot be mined, only purchased on the exchange or in the game. The developers made it clear that the token is only needed in order to buy or acquire things in the store.

An interesting mechanism is the functioning of the store itself – it will work on the basis of the exchange. So, the buyer puts forward his offer, and the seller – his. If consensus is found, equipment moves from one to the other.

In addition, with this game, every gamer’s dream comes true: to enjoy the gameplay while making money. So, earned by labor and honest robbery Internet coins can be exchanged for bitcoins on the exchange. At the same time, after each purchase in the store 50% of the cost will be burned forever – this means that after a while the NXC will be expensive.


During crowdfunding procedures, the developers decided to collect the necessary amount to complete the development of the project. Their goal was to raise 110 thousand euros, but during the ICO they collected four times as much – 470 thousand euros. Their cryptocurrency has been added to Poloniex.

The developers left about 15% of the coins to create the game. Another 15% was allocated for a full-fledged marketing company to promote the product. The official release of the game is scheduled for June 2017, but beta testing was launched in February, and alpha testing in March.

Both developers and the gaming community have high hopes for this project. Indeed, in the event of a successful launch and subsequent development, it will be almost the only game in which it will be possible to earn cryptocurrency through verified actions. What will happen next – time will tell.

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