How to make money on cryptocurrency

Bitcoin currency is in great demand among investors. Unlike other calculated units, due to its features, it is not a payment system . Bitcoin applies its individual rate, adjusted only by supply and demand. In this regard, bitcoin hype scripts were invented.

What are Bitcoin Hipes?

Many people associate Bitcoin with the Forex market or gambling, but this is not the case. The recently created digital currency has practically the same future as bank cards and investments in gold in due time. His course regularly rises, because of which he becomes more in demand. Bitcoin can simply be exchanged for any other currency . In addition, it is one of the best anonymous and safest payment systems in investment work in hype projects .

The most attractive quality of a Bitcoin currency is its change in the exchange rate, which in the short term can fall or, on the contrary, skyrocket. It is impossible to trace the movement of bitcoin. Since the opening of this system, its release has been fast enough; as a result, a large amount of unclaimed bitcoins was formed on the deposits of many people, for which it was impossible to purchase anything.

In this regard, they began to invest it in projects that accept this currency for payment. In this case, hype projects were no exception. Today it is impossible to imagine any hype that does not accept BTC. The system is a mandatory feature of any investment program.

Bitcoin HYIP is a highly profitable project that promises to increase the investor’s account by 2 times in a short time. These are not real investment funds, but virtual ones.

Types of HYIPs

Not all hypes are identical, some offer different percentages of profit for certain periods.

Based on the percentage of profit for the day that the hype project offers, they make up interest on programs that offer the opportunity to withdraw a deposit at any time, that is, they instantly accrue a net percentage of income. If there is no way to withdraw funds, then interest will be higher.

They are divided into the following groups:

  • Low percentage hype project – profitability of about 0.5% per day, not more than 15% per month.
  • Average interest hype – profit no more than 3% per day, about 60% per month.
  • High interest – more than 3% per day, more than 60% per month.

The validity period of a hype project is related to the percentage of income. At high interest, more money will need to be paid, and they come from newly arrived members.

Knowing the average life expectancy of a project per day, you can identify the hypes based on the period of action:

  • Short. A very dangerous project, but high interest. Very rarely lives for a month, usually no more than 20 days.
  • Medium term. The most popular. Valid for approximately 3 months. Profitability is average.
  • Long term. One of the most reliable. The term of activity is 6 months, rarely when hype projects work for more than 2 years. Profit percentage is low.

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