Experts called Bitcoin self-sufficient

According to Alexander Ivanov, the main promotion manager for Waves, it is almost impossible to veto bitcoin or any electronic money. After all, this phenomenon is self-sufficient, and it exists by itself. To say that virtual coins have no basis is absurd.

The specialist noted that the entire virtual world and most financial companies realized that electronic currency is an innovative economic toolkit with a sufficiently large margin of stability, which has excellent prospects for use. This is a good way to invest or place money with potential consumers.

According to Ivanov, if you position Bitcoin with deception and a pyramid, then this can be said about the entire economic world. And if you think about the situation, then investment funds and banks are invested in very risky activities.

In addition, he believes that all thoughts that a crypt is not provided by anything are completely stupid. If companies have stocks, then electronic money is supported by electronic computing power, large power plants, and most importantly – mental resources, that is, very real assets. At the same time, Alexander lunges in the direction of the dominant dollar. What does it provide? A strong army and a powerful fleet? But nothing. But in the bitcoin system, everything is much more reliable. Electric currency miners, miners, in no case will allow Bitcoin to reduce its value below 3 hundred dollars. Otherwise, they will quickly lose invested funds, which is unacceptable.

Of course, Alexander recognizes the fact that crypto is often used in the implementation of dubious financial transactions. After all, at the entrance you do not need to enter identification data, it does not have an account in the usual sense. There is only a personal key with which you can really enter the system where everything is rational and works on scientific laws.

The Head of Waves claims that all financial transactions in the system can be viewed because they are completely open. A specific bitcoin address can be combined with a real person or company. Of course, it is very difficult to do this, since decentralized systems operate on the basis of anonymity. There are a number of projects, including those brought up in the bowels of government agencies that are working on technology for deanonymizing transactions.

He is sure that it is very difficult to ban cryptocurrencies or other cryptocurrencies. After all, this is a thing that feeds itself. It is impossible to ban clouds or the sky. The crypto industry plays according to its own rules of the game, and they are no worse than any others.

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