Ethereum cryptocurrency – the younger brother of Bitcoin or his rival?

The Ethereum platform was launched in 2015, although its development was proposed back in 2013. From the very start, the cryptocurrency and the system have loudly declared themselves – its developer, a young man with Russian roots, Vitalik Buterin, boldly stated that the ether was intended to replace bitcoin. And no matter how skeptics laugh at this statement, and a new cryptocurrency begins to develop actively, its popularity is growing every day, as a matter of fact, the rate.

In general, Ethereum has much in common with bitcoin and, unlike forks of the cue ball, does not use its source code. The system works on the basis of smart contracts and is not just Ethereum cryptocurrency, but a real core for building a blockchain system. It should be noted that this invention made a real revolution in financial technology because smart contracts allow you to register any asset transactions that are actively used in the banking sector, and even Russian Sberbank has implemented blockchain technology in its work.

So, over several years, the market capitalization of ether has reached two billion, and huge funds are pouring into its development because not only financiers but also the largest software developers are interested in the new system and cryptocurrency. It is noteworthy that, in fact, the whole idea of ​​Ethereum developed as a startup – it was a risky investment, which, when implemented, promised good profit.

Today, Ethereum cryptocurrency has proved to everyone that it not only has the right to life but is also a unique phenomenon that can not only achieve the success of bitcoin but also compete with it in the future. Derivative currencies are being developed on the basis of the system, for example, Elcoin, which in itself has already become famous and popular in narrow circles.

Many experts call the cryptocurrency Ethereum the currency of tomorrow, and although it has not yet reached the status of cryptocurrency gold that honorably carries a cue ball, it is possible that very soon the ether will reach new heights and, in this case, bitcoin holders should be afraid of such a serious rival.

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