Edgeless Cryptocurrency (EDG) – with transparent rates

Today, the whole world speaks about cryptocurrencies. And if someone does not actively use them, then he must know what they are. Internet money is designed to change the face of the economy, and for the better. They are decentralized systems in which information is easily stored with complete anonymity. The first cryptocurrency was Bitcoin. Today it is at the peak of popularity and its value. However, there are other crypts that work much faster and offer a much wider range of services. It is only necessary to pay attention to them. A prime example of a new currency is Edgeless.

The casino should develop

The game industry is developing rapidly: its total turnover is about $ 50 billion. However, this industry often faces one major problem: rate transparency. Many customers of online casinos doubt that the resource to which they have entrusted their money plays really honestly. And indeed: some companies profit from the credulity of players who cannot verify the integrity of the portal. It is very difficult to prove any fraudulent operations, while the playgrounds themselves suffer: they also cannot prove their innocence to fraud, even if they were not contacted. This circumstance creates a lot of trouble for online sites and significantly spoils the reputation of the entire gaming industry.

Edgeless is called to rectify the situation – a project based on the Ethereum blockchain system. The founder of the company, Thomas Draxas, believes that now each player will be able to conduct their own independent verification and make sure that the game is not falsified at all, and the casino has no way to deceive the client.

At the same time, Thomas himself is horrified at the ease with which online platforms can change the results of the game. It is enough to just make some changes to the encoding, and owners can significantly change the profitability indicators in their favor. The founder of Agless is confident that all casinos should be based on the principles of decentralization – this will contribute to improving the quality of the game and the growth of the entire industry as a whole.

Thomas is confident that his project is somehow unique, as it is one of the few casino types with full decentralization. The first work began back in 2015, and the development team included not only programmers, but also experts from the world of gambling.

Developers plan to make money on user mistakes in games where you need to use skills or just be successful. In this case, the whole game will be completely transparent. The creators have programmed the machine, whose work is based on the Ethereum cryptocurrency. Its success, according to the developers, contributed to the confidence in the success of the project.

Principle of operation

Edgeless is based on Ethereum. This allows you to apply smart contracts, the verification of which everyone can carry out. Moreover, this operation is significantly different from the “honesty test” offered by many online casinos, because many operations remain “behind the scenes”. Blockchain and smart contracts will ensure maximum transparency, which will contribute to the confidence of players in the absence of fraud.

The developers have ambitious plans. If their casino attracts quite a lot of attention from users, then they will launch a portal with additional games, as well as sports betting. In this case, the principle of the services will be the same.


On February 28, 2017, a large-scale crowdsale began, during which the gaming audience could invest in this project. The first planned phase was reached on the first day. Today, the crowdsale’s results are impressive – investors have invested in the development of about $ 1.5 million. In total, 5 stages are planned with a distribution of 440 million tokens. The rest of the cryptocurrency will be destroyed in accordance with the concluded smart contract.

Edgeless Benefits

What makes this project and the cryptocurrency associated with it so attractive to consumers?

  • Transparency. The client is invited to take advantage of a combination of transparency and anonymity. It has already made world famous Bitcoin, now it is the turn of this project.
  • Security. During the game, clients sometimes make very large bets. They declare a perfect bet in front of the entire information world. Of course, the game participants want to be completely sure that the solution to their problems will be safe. Therefore, developers are constantly working on creating a Black Jack with a zero advantage.
  • Anonymity. Edgeless offers to use completely anonymous wallets. Thus, no one will be able to find out information about the client.

EDG is already freely traded on many world cryptocurrency exchanges . Today, its cost is 0,0008 from one ether. It should be noted that the project is still young and does not pretend to a rapid increase in the value of the currency. The final results will depend on the compliance of the project with specific statements, as well as on market conditions.

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