Coinessa – the new Bitcoin wallet

Electronic currency is increasingly becoming part of our lives. If 10 years ago it was just a novelty, then electronic means of payment today have every reason to be called traditional. Therefore, it is not surprising that the number of bitcoin wallets increases from time to time.

This time, Ukrainian developers were pleased. They announced the launch of a new Bitcoin wallet called Coinessa. The company’s plans are very ambitious – to seize influence throughout the Internet. Internet users from Eastern Slavic countries can now appreciate the benefits of this service.

Keeper provides the opportunity to exchange cue ball for fiat currency both immediately and through the application processing mechanism. Today Coinessa operates with the dollar, ruble, euro, and hryvnia.

At the same time, the service is fraught with considerable potential. For example, for the convenience of operating with the means available to him, the user can issue a bank card or replenish an account using OKPay and other well-known systems.

In addition, in addition to the exchange functions from online money to real money, Coinessa provides the opportunity to exchange bitcoins among themselves to users. They can do this without hindrance and courage since the safety of workers is fully ensured by a two-stage identification mechanism.

Great opportunities for growth. The team does not even think to stop there. In their opinion, a bitcoin wallet is just the first part of a large and complex infrastructure, which will include smartphone applications, the provision of processing services for small and medium-sized businesses, and most importantly, a large cryptocurrency exchange, which will be traded in different directions.

Blockchain systems in all countries of the former USSR are beginning to emerge from the shadows, and bitcoin culture itself is growing up and taking on civilized forms. In Ukraine, in recent years, the government has approved a number of projects that take advantage of innovative technologies.

Russia does not lag behind, where the blockchain attracts the attention of financiers. Active research in this area is carried out by Alfa-Bank, Moscow Exchange, Sberbank, and other well-known organizations.

Ordinary users just have to wait for new projects and their implementation.

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